The Murnau Nocturnes:


Vinterdracul: The Murnau Nocturnes

The debut album by Vinterdracul will be released on 04 February 2022.

"The music puts us in the presence of the supernatural, and may disturb your slumbers." — No Clean Singing

From the liner notes...

"A fictional version of F.W. Murnau, director of the silent vampire film Nosferatu, comes to Hollywood in 1928 to sign a big contract with a major movie studio. It is a deal made with the devil.

He soon finds himself haunted by the ghost of his one-time star Max Schreck who warns him that the deal he has made will result in Murnau losing everything — his films, his business, his reputation, and his life.

With the arrival of Dracula, starring Bela Lugosi, the increasingly tormented Murnau sees his star eclipsed and his artform — silent pictures — cast aside in favor of the new talking films.

Murnau descends into madness and his films and career are destroyed. A saving grace is the lesser known release of a superior twin to Lugosi's film produced in Spanish and featuring nods to Murnau's legacy. Bit too little, too late. In the end, the devil returns and comes to claim his final prize — stealing Murnau's skull from his grave."


"Exhilarating, dramatic and frankly genius metal." — Devil's Horns

"This unusual style, the strange process that Vinterdracul follow and their experimental efforts certainly won’t go unnoticed." — Games, Brrraaains, & A Head-Banging Life

"The raspy cries of a soulless narrator whose deathless existence sounds like a state of eternal misery." — Valley of Steel

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Vinterdracul: Necrotethical Prelude

The debut EP by Vinterdracul was released on 05 November 2021. Comprising four proper songs and three instrumental interludes, the release highlights the band’s brand of Black Metal infused with a dark gothic sensibility.

“We found ourselves writing songs that seemed to stand apart from our other work,” said Batweilder. “Vinterdracul represents a different aspect of our approach — a darker aspect that is at once more raw and perhaps more elegant.”

The EP was composed, performed, recorded, and released by the duo of multi-instrumentalists Weirding Batweilder and Jean Farraige — known for their work in the avant-garde metal band Bornwithhair.

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