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"This duo of multi-instrumentalists Weirding Batweilder and Jean Farraige variously characterize their music as Blackened Death Rock or Arthouse Metal. I’ve slept on them way too long, but no longer." — No Clean Singing


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When the Witches Fall

Releases: October 2021 on Trepanation Recordings

The fourth full-length album from Bornwithhair will be released on 08 October 2021.

Bornwithhair’s peculiar brand of Arthouse Metal is at once lo-fi, sprawling, clamorous, and unnerving. And on their new album, the duo of multi instrumentalists Weirding Batweilder and Jean Farraige has gone all-in on their obsessive and delirious quest to develop a fresh form of Blackened Death Rock.

"The first song from their new album is strange and unpredictable. The overture sounds like a space odyssey, or perhaps the parting of an interdimensional veil, and what comes through is a sorcerous amalgam of pungent beats and swirling, apparitional sounds, with a collage of wailing and savagely growling and howling voices. The music seems to dance and levitate, and it becomes disorienting and delightful, but also very creepy. Both the singing and the guitars seem to quiver and squirm within this sonic hallucination, and the song as a whole manages to be both bizarre and intoxicating." No Clean Singing

“We were looking down a deep and dark abyss and trying to create literature out of it,” said Weirding. “At the same time, we wanted to make an electric guitar album. And we wanted to take a new approach to a guitar-based album. We wanted to record the guitars to make it sound like the speakers on your stereo were crumbling. We wanted a desiccated sound, like the shell of a freshly emerged locust.”

With When the Witches Fall, Bornwithhair have deployed static-ridden electric guitars and unhinged synths over a tumult of rhythms and basslines in wave after wave of avant-garde metal and noise torment.

Someplace to Haunt

Released: February 2021

The third full-length album from Bornwithhair was released on 05 February 2021.

"Definitely an album that revels in the avant-garde, Bornwithhair have a sound that’s all to their own... Eerie, trippy, complex – all intriguing aspects of a sound that’s better off being heard than simply described. For those seeking something off-kiler and interesting." — Dead Rhetoric

"Someplace to Haunt is, dare I say, this duo's most enjoyable and most cohesive work yet... this is a album meant for listening to in full album form. It is an experience entirely worth your while. I promise... In short? I mean, goddamn. Someplace to Haunt is simply a killer album, a potent encapsulation of Bornwithhair's greatest strengths. I feel like their brief-yet-prolific career has been pointing in the direction of an album like this, and they delivered in spades." — Sleeping Village

"This is a weird one; coming from me, I suppose that says something! Imagine one of the more inscrutable Anacortes/Olympia indie-rock bands (D+, Old Time Relijun) got into Furze, the supremely deranged one-man black metal project, and that sorta paints a burned portrait of Bornwithhair. This music makes me want to eat grubs in the forest while covered in mud." — Viking's Choice

"Following on from their atmospheric debut Radical Moon and its more abrasive successor Smoleńska, 2021’s Someplace To Haunt is arguably their most cohesive, and impressive, release yet... They’ve channelled their influences into creating a whole new beast and with Someplace To Haunt, Bornwithhair have managed to conjure a unique, fresh sound that is truly their own. Without doubt, this will be one of the most intriguing albums you’ll hear this year." — Astral Noize


Released: September 2020

"Emotions and movements anarchically crash together within each track. The band utilise just about every resource in distortion and synth, and compact their sounds into dense and ever-changing layers. At over an hour, the album’s narrative is epic. It contains all the progressive hallmarks of the bombastic colliding with the peaceful... The musicianship and composition is, without doubt, extremely well orchestrated. The depth and layers contain uncountable treasures, and atmospherically, it is as deep and explosive a plummet into the human psyche as one can hope for." — Everything is Noise

"Smoleńska is a staggering piece of creative lunacy... If Bornwithhair can focus this almost ridiculous level of creativity, so their work has more clarity, then they could be on to something really special. I get the feeling that this album is a stepping stone towards something really special, a learning experience that they needed to go through before they can reach their potential. This may be the band learning their craft before releasing an album that will be seen as a classic. Personally I can’t wait to hear what they do next." — Musipedia of Metal

"This wonderful creation is Bornwithhair’s second release this year. A metal album born out of a DIY aesthetic it’s been much played here over the past month or so… What keeps me coming back is how unhinged it is, like a black metal Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter in some ways, totally out there, never predictable, always engaging." — Vogon Laundromat / I Heart Noise

"It is a fucking treat." — Fistful of Doom

"Smoleńska is avant-garde music that is very different from the norm... an apocalyptic feel." — Heavy Music Headquarters

Radical Moon

Released: February 2020

"Radical Moon is one of the most unsettling (and compelling) avant garde releases heard in some time... This is a record that requires (and deserves) repeat listens. It’s Big Black, but if Steve Albini had been locked in the Unabomber’s cabin." — Astral Noize

"This is a record where free-form guitar leads dance over colossal riffs and primitive, almost minimalist percussion. Vocals range from growls to dramatic spoken word to theatric shrieks, all adding up to create a dizzying, bewildering whole." — The Sound Not The Word

"This is the very definition of avant garde... Elements of noise, extreme metal, industrial with free form guitars, spoken word, growls and other fractured sounds... Well worth exploring." — Uncle Les Talks Music

"It’s perplexing and something that really will divide opinion but you have to admire Bornwithhair’s risk-taking." — Games, Brrraaains & A Head-Banging Life

"Throughout the record vocals are growled, spoken, sung, and shrieked over a variety of clashing noises reminiscent of Throbbing Gristle with more of a focus on metal... The production on the album is 100% DIY and to their credit sounds fantastic." — Alternative Control


'Pawiak' on Hope in the Face of Fear HvH (April 2020)

The Forest at Night published a review of highlights from the Hope in the Face of Fear compilation. And they had nice things to say about Bornwithhair's contribution: "Everything I love in avant-garde, in one philosophy — and praxis — heavy track... Do I know what I'm hearing? Absolutely not. Do I love it? You're goddamn right I do." — The Forest At Night


Abramelinic Delusions b/w The Possessorist (November 2019)

GoblinGuard b/w Werewolf and Phantom (October 2019)

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