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Fall 2021

  • The debut EP by Vinterdracul — a new Batweilder and Farraige project — was released 05 November.

Summer 2021

  • Head-Banger Reviews has a new review of When the Witches Fall: "Very few names are able to execute anything like this on this kind of level with such consistency."

  • New review of the first song off of When the Witches Fall: "This duo of multi-instrumentalists Weirding Batweilder and Jean Farraige variously characterize their music as Blackened Death Rock or Arthouse Metal. I’ve slept on them way too long, but no longer." — No Clean Singing

  • Bornwithhair's fourth release — When the Witches Fall — is scheduled for limited edition cassette and HD digital release 08 October 2021 on Trepanation Recordings.

Spring 2021

  • We're continuing to work on our new recordings. These tracks are becoming increasingly saturated and harsh. The guitars make your stereo speakers sound like they are tearing.

  • New reviews of Someplace to Haunt: "Without doubt, this will be one of the most intriguing albums you’ll hear this year." — Astral Noize. "Definitely an album that revels in the avant-garde, Bornwithhair have a sound that’s all to their own... Eerie, trippy, complex – all intriguing aspects of a sound that’s better off being heard than simply described. For those seeking something off-kiler and interesting." — Dead Rhetoric.

Winter 2020-2021

  • 05 February: Our new album, Someplace to Haunt, has been released on Bandcamp.

  • Smoleńska made Vogon Laundromat's 2020 Year in Review over on I Heart Noise: "Thinking back to the early 90’s when there were 100’s of bands trying to make the hardest and biggest sounding Metal / Rock sound they could, Smoleńska feels like the opposite mindset to that. It’s got an intimate quality that draws you in rather than flattening you."

  • The new album premiered on Sleeping Village.

  • Bornwithhair's third full-length album — Someplace to Haunt — is scheduled to be released 05 Feb 2021.

Autumn 2020

  • We've just announced that our third album will be released on the 5th of February 2021. Details forthcoming.

  • It is getting chilly. So put on a sweater, get comfy, and read a couple reviews of our new album. Musipedia of Metal called it "a staggering piece of creative lunacy" while Vogon Laundromat says that "what keeps me coming back is how unhinged it is, like a black metal Hangman’s Beautiful Daughter in some ways, totally out there, never predictable, always engaging."

Summer 2020

  • The new album was released September 11. The name of the album is Smoleńska.

Spring 2020

  • Weirding was asked to write a track-by-track breakdown of Radical Moon which you can check out at I Heart Noise. Among the observations: "Mixing takes forever. Because what we’re doing is carving out the song from all of the parts that we’ve improvised. While the terminology might not be entirely accurate, as a band we call this a 'reductive' mixing process and we take sculpture as a starting point. At a high level, in sculpture you have two choices: add to the assemblage or carve away from the raw material. We’re stone carvers. And to paraphrase Michaelangelo, we think that if we just spend time on the mix, we can let the song escape."

  • Jean Farraige and Weirding are currently working on a new album. Based on a slice of history from the story of the Polish Resistance against the Nazis, the album is loosely scheduled for release in late 2020.

  • Bornwithhair recorded a brand new non-album song for the Hope in the Face of Fear compilation released April 10, 2020 from Hope vs Hate Records. The comp features 58 metal and metal-adjacent bands and all proceeds go to Amnesty International.

Winter 2019-2020

  • Bornwithhair's debut album, Radical Moon, was released on Feb 21, 2020 and is available on Bandcamp and on all of the major streaming services including Spotify.

Autumn 2019

    • First songs done and posted.


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