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"It’s Big Black, but if Steve Albini had been locked in the Unabomber’s cabin." — Astral Noize

Bornwithhair is an Avant-garde Metal band hailing from the Chesapeake Bay Watershed. At the core of the band are the duo of multi-instrumentalists Weirding and Jean Farraige. Known for a strictly DIY approach, the pair record and produce their music in a 19th century brick house situated equidistant between two cemeteries along one of the oldest roads in the Mid-Atlantic.


Goblin Guard b/w Werewolf and Phantom (2019)

Starting out, it was all just an idea. We wanted to explore some philosophical concepts within the framework of very loud and noisy music. We were obviously pulling from black metal, but propelling it with drum machines, synths, and cut-up studio techniques every bit as much as via tremolo picked electric guitar and shrieking vocals. The first single was heavily indebted to early Ulver, and the whole thing was recorded, mixed, and shipped in a matter of days.

Abramelinic Delusions b/w The Possessorist (2019)

On the second single, we wanted to create something that told a story from contrasting points of view. So the a-side gives voice to the conjurer and the b-side to the demon conjured. More riffs and less tremolo on the whole and we spent a lot more time working out the basic contours of what might be considered more conventional songs. We also started exploring with a greater mix of vocal approaches as well as elements of acoustic guitar.

Radical Moon (Feb 2020)

The production of this album was a challenge in that it was the first time we were attempting so many things. The final version demonstrates much of what we learned in a pretty short time frame. The album itself is loosely built around a cast of outsider characters who share a common animosity towards fascism. As much as the production was a learning experience, developing these characters also provided a useful way of confirming to ourselves the direction we wanted to go next.

'Pawiak' on Hope in the Face of Fear HvH (2020)

Written, recorded, mixed, and shipped during a lull in the production of Radical Moon, this was both something of an abstract love song to Bolt Thrower and a hint of what we were already thinking about for the next album. One of the key developments here had to do with how we started recording and mixing vocals, namely combining hand-held distorted dynamic mics with more airy and clean condenser mics. Also leaned into some more overt melody.

Smoleńska (Sept 2020)

This is where we started to come into our own. The album is a sort of work of historical fiction set in Warsaw before, during, and after the Uprising of 1944. We were inspired to take this on by the little we were able to learn about the album's namesake, Anna Smoleńska, a student and member of the Resistance responsible for designing what became the emblem of the Polish Home Army. We allowed ourselves to branch out musically in the interest of this narrative.

Someplace to Haunt (Feb 2021)

This was the album where we took stock of things. Featuring the first set of our songs that were composed as... well... songs, the album explores a musical vocabulary traversing death-doom, art rock, and some progressive elements. Again recorded at home, the album is accentuated by our most personal lyrics to date as well as a focus on increased clarity and interplay between the instruments. An indicator of where we may be headed musically? To be decided.

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